Leslie Ordal

Timeless Tweed: Studio Donegal and Kokomo Yarns

Donegal’s own yarn tradition connects farmers, millworkers, and knitters to a historic craft.

Yarns for Knitters and a Lifeline for Women: Manos del Uruguay

Knitters know Manos del Uruguay for their yarns’ rich tonal colors, but the story of women’s empowerment and community benefit enriches every skein.

Supporting a Sustainable Yarn Economy: Jimmy Beans Wool

What makes a knitting company a good citizen? Creating a better knitting world—for the planet, for knitters, and for yarn stores.

Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft: Fiber Tours

Many of us take our knitting on vacation–it’s a great way to pass the time on a long flight or in the passenger seat on a road trip. But have you ever wanted to go one step further—take a vacation where knitting is the main event?

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How to Knit with Mystery Yarn

Read on for some tips about working with that mystery yarn you just couldn’t leave behind.