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Announcing the launch of Farm & Fiber Knits. This immersive experience is our way to connect farm and knitter, joining producers and crafters in a wholesome, fiber-fair-style online community that welcomes all. Subscribe today and celebrate the fiber life.

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Knitting Needles—Materials Matter

Should you reach for metal, wood, or something else to cast on your next knitting project?

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From the farm to your needles, we're on the journey with you.

We're passionate about connecting you with local farms, natural fibers, shepherds, and designers who create beautiful, sustainable handknits.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes exploration of yarn and knitting at their most authentic. With must-knit projects and unforgettable stories, Farm & Fiber Knits invites you to see the craft world through fresh eyes.

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Subscriber Exclusive

Lambs Galore at Apple Creek Merinos!

Learn about the joys—and frights!—that come with being a shepherdess during lambing season at this family farm in the Pacific Northwest.

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Behind the Scenes at the Sheep and Wool Show

Come along as we peek behind the curtain at the annual can’t-miss event for shepherds, knitters, spinners, and more: the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Breezy Knitting with Cotton and Linen

Twelve reasons that cotton and linen have all your warm weather needs covered. From fluffy to firm, add some sustainable plant fibers to your seasonal lineup!

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10 Steps for Seasonal Woolen Storage

Protect your beloved handknits and stash yarn by following some sensible precautions

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It’s Shearing Time!

You’re cuddled up in your wool garments, but sheep are standing in the fields with their warm fleeces sheared off. Why shear in cold weather? Here are 5 reasons why.

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Twisting Tweed with Anne‘s Socks

A simple eyelet spiral is just enough detail to set off the organic sprinkle of nepps in this tweedy yarn.

Textured Tweed, Textured Stitches: 4 Tips for Knitted Bliss

Does your textured yarn outshine your cables? We're here to help.

Subscriber Exclusive

Think Globally, Knit Locally

Choose fiber thoughtfully, opt for natural and well-grown products as much as possible, and support local producers: three manageable goals for knitters and crocheters that will help fibersheds thrive.

Subscriber Exclusive

How do cables change the fit of your knitting?

An experimental approach to yarn, gauge, and cabled fabric