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What’s in your travel knitting bag?

It’s time for summer getaways! Three tips to taking your projects on-the-go.

From the farm to your needles, we're on the journey with you.

We're passionate about connecting you with local farms, natural fibers, shepherds, and designers who create beautiful, sustainable handknits.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes exploration of yarn and knitting at their most authentic. With must-knit projects and unforgettable stories, Farm & Fiber Knits invites you to see the craft world through fresh eyes.

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Subscriber Exclusive

Visible Mending for Handknits: Darning Looms and More

Learn three ways of mending your beloved sweaters before you put them away for the summer. Plus, see how to get started using a darning loom with our helpful video.

Latest Articles

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A Hug from the Flock: Knit the Wee Cardi

Top-down construction, drop sleeves, and rich texture celebrate the unique yarn from a special farm.

Angora Goats: Why Every Herd Needs a Daisy!

Tina Evans and her goats are growing silky, curly mohair in the Peach State. She gave us an update on how kidding season is going and what’s so special about Daisy.

Subscriber Exclusive

Best in Show—Competition Knitting at the State Fair

What’s it like to enter a project into a state fair? One prize-winning knitter shares her experiences.

What Length Should You Knit Your Scarf?

Never guess again about what size to make your scarves and cowls.

Subscriber Exclusive

Put Your Knitting Through the Paces: Turnout Shawl

Twisted stitches, strong diagonals, and a field of reverse stockinette stitch combine in a graphic all-season shawl.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Adding Some Embroidery! Here’s How

Fear not—embroidery is much easier than it looks, and a few carefully selected stitches can go a long way toward making your knitted piece shine.

Going Without—Knitting Cables without a Cable Needle

Discover the freedom of leaving the cable needle behind and embrace these easy, time-saving methods.

Knitting My Own Sheep (and Facing the Colorwork Dragon)

With spring lambs popping up everywhere we look, I had to get in on the wee wooly cuteness . . . by knitting a trio of Estonian-inspired colorwork sheep.

Subscriber Exclusive

A Friendly Flock to Knit

Knit your own wooly companions with Nancy Bush’s Estonian sheep pattern.