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The Unsung Delights of Polypay Wool

Developed as multipurpose breed, Polypay sheep are better known for lamb than fiber. We’re missing out.

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From the farm to your needles, we're on the journey with you.

We're passionate about connecting you with local farms, natural fibers, shepherds, and designers who create beautiful, sustainable handknits.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes exploration of yarn and knitting at their most authentic. With must-knit projects and unforgettable stories, Farm & Fiber Knits invites you to see the craft world through fresh eyes.

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Subscriber Exclusives

Subscriber Exclusive

Celebrating Breed-Specific Yarns with Solitude Wool

In northwestern Virginia, in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll find the home of Solitude Wool. Since 2006, this woman-owned company has been dedicated to promoting sheep of many breeds and supporting sustainable agriculture.

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The Quest for Local Linen: Chico Flax

If cotton is the king of cellulose fibers, then linen is the queen. In Northern California, farmers are working to bring back local sources of this fundamental fiber.

Ranching Tradition Fiber

By bringing sheep back to her family’s Montana ranch, Kami Noyes has connected with knitters across the country through her yarns, fiber, and wool festival.

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Signs of Spring: Tulip Fever Cowl

Longing for spring but still knitting for winter? Cast on Olga Putano’s generous cowl and knit yourself a warm and dreamy bouquet.

Tips and Tricks for Fair Isle Knitting

Looking for ways to improve your colorwork? Here are a few tips to help you out!

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Coloring in a Fair Isle Tam

How do designers come up with fabulous color combinations? By breaking out the colored pencils!

Subscriber Exclusive

Gansey Yarn: Have You Tried 5-Ply?

Known for their strength and stitch definition, gansey yarns can be hard to find. A new Shetland 5-ply has launched, and we had to get on board!

Subscriber Exclusive

Pick a Palette: The North Road Hat and Tam O’Shanter

Boost your colorwork confidence with 4 tips for knitting Shetland-inspired hats.

The Natural Beauty of Shetland Yarns

The colors of Shetland’s sheep are a great source of knitterly inspiration. Hear how Gudrun Johnston uses naturals in color-filled palettes.

Subscriber Exclusive

Yarn Substitution: Fibers

As every wise knitter knows, substituting yarns is about more than just getting gauge. You’ll need to dig a little deeper to find a yarn that gives you the right blend of qualities, starting with the fiber.