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Announcing the launch of Farm & Fiber Knits. This immersive digital experience is our way to connect farm and knitter, joining producers and crafters in a wholesome, fiber-fair-style online community that welcomes all. Subscribe today and celebrate the fiber life.

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Join us for a Live Conversation with Elizabeth Nihoniho of Amikihia Knits

This week we’re celebrating New Zealand, with stories of the knitting life in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

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From the farm to your needles, we're on the journey with you.

We're passionate about connecting you with local farms, natural fibers, shepherds, and designers who create beautiful, sustainable handknits.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes exploration of yarn and knitting at their most authentic. With must-knit projects and unforgettable stories, Farm & Fiber Knits invites you to see the craft world through fresh eyes.

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Subscriber Exclusive

Our Grandfathers’ Knitting Needles

In a tradition that links generations of Diné, knitting for winter ceremonies is “men’s work.”

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Navajo Wool, Diné Stories

From traditional Navajo-Churro wool to finewool fleeces prized by industry, sheep and yarn are inseparable from the Diné lifeway.

Subscriber Exclusive

Wool into Stone Afghan

Inspired by wool’s natural colors, Amy Tyler interpreted the fossilized coral Petoskey stones as a modular throw.

Join the (Farm) Club

If you want to get up close and personal with a flock of sheep, Meridian Jacobs Farm Club may be just what the shepherd ordered.

Subscriber Exclusive

How Many Colors Can One Sheep Grow?

Merinos and other sheep were bred for centuries for bright-white fleece, but some shepherds are working to add color to their flocks.

Celebrating the Black Sheep of the Yarn World

Generally avoided by the large-scale wool mills, naturally colored wool is a treat that small-batch wool producers offer knitters.

Long Thread Podcast: Kristin Nicholas

Season 7, Episode 8: The knitwear designer and creative director on creativity, fiber arts, and why she’s not farming yarn.

Rowan Tree Travel & Fibercraft: Fiber Tours

Many of us take our knitting on vacation–it’s a great way to pass the time on a long flight or in the passenger seat on a road trip. But have you ever wanted to go one step further—take a vacation where knitting is the main event?

Subscriber Exclusive

Textile Travel: Tips and Tricks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a knitter on vacation must be in want of a yarn shop and other fiber-y fun.

Yarn Trips, Fiber Detours, and Wooly Wandering

Adding a knitting destination can make any trip a voyage to remember.

Suri Alpaca’s Lustrous Locks

When you find yarn labeled simply “alpaca,” you can generally assume that the fiber comes from huacaya alpacas. But the less-familiar suri alpaca offers unique delights for handknits.