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Long Thread Podcast: Hannah Thiessen Howard, Slow Knitting

Season 8, Episode 10: More and more, knitters look to the craft for meaning as well as creativity and pleasure. Through books, magazines, and partnerships, Hannah Thiessen Howard aims to connect that purpose to practice.

Long Thread Podcast: Lisa Chamoff, Indie Untangled

Season 8, Episode 5: After ten years, the online yarn marketplace Indie Untangled has grown from a simple website to an engine for discovery.

November, Knitting’s Golden Month

Between the first nip of sweater weather and the chaos of gift knitting lies the sweetest season. Call it Knit for Yourself November.

Yarn and Conservation

Whether you feel passionately about preserving the planet or your choices as a knitter, wool can be part of the solution.

Long Thread Podcast: Felicia Lo, SweetGeorgia

Season 8, Episode 2: Reclaiming the bold, bright hues that she loved as a child, Felicia Lo founded her handdyed yarn company to let knitters and spinners embrace the possibilities of “unapologetic color.”

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Broaden Your Fiber Horizons: Knitting Beyond Merino

BFL, Targhee, Dorset, and other breed-specific wool yarns each fill their own special knitwear niche.

Long Thread Podcast: Mary Jeanne Packer, Battenkill Fibers Carding & Spinning Mill

Season 8, Episode 1: From the controls of the fiber mill, Mary Jeanne Packer and her team have a view of the fiber and textile industry that stretches from farms to consumers, all on the quest for high-quality, sustainable yarns.

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Knitting Yarn—the Inside Scoop

Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers on wool, farms, fiber blends, festivals, and how knitters can save small farms.

Watch Our Conversation: How Hand-dyed Yarns Pave the Way for Rural Women in Uruguay

Lisa Myers, owner of Manos distributor Fairmount Fibers, and Cecilia Lalanne, yarn division director, join us for a talk on how the yarns from the cooperative support the lives of rural women in Uruguay.

Watch Our Conversation with Elizabeth Nihoniho of Amikihia Knits

This week we’re celebrating New Zealand, with stories of the knitting life in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

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