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Knitting Yarn—the Inside Scoop

Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers on wool, farms, fiber blends, festivals, and how knitters can save small farms.

Watch Our Conversation: How Hand-dyed Yarns Pave the Way for Rural Women in Uruguay

Lisa Myers, owner of Manos distributor Fairmount Fibers, and Cecilia Lalanne, yarn division director, join us for a talk on how the yarns from the cooperative support the lives of rural women in Uruguay.

Watch Our Conversation with Elizabeth Nihoniho of Amikihia Knits

This week we’re celebrating New Zealand, with stories of the knitting life in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Navajo Wool, Diné Stories

From traditional Navajo-Churro wool to finewool fleeces prized by industry, sheep and yarn are inseparable from the Diné lifeway.

Celebrating the Black Sheep of the Yarn World

Generally avoided by the large-scale wool mills, naturally colored wool is a treat that small-batch wool producers offer knitters.

Long Thread Podcast: Kristin Nicholas

Season 7, Episode 8: The knitwear designer and creative director on creativity, fiber arts, and why she’s not farming yarn.

Yarn Trips, Fiber Detours, and Wooly Wandering

Adding a knitting destination can make any trip a voyage to remember.

Suri Alpaca’s Lustrous Locks

When you find yarn labeled simply “alpaca,” you can generally assume that the fiber comes from huacaya alpacas. But the less-familiar suri alpaca offers unique delights for handknits.

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Unraveling the Needle Size Mystery: What Size Knitting Needle Should I Choose for Alpaca?

Every knitter needs to understand a basic truth about knitting yarn labels: the needle size is just a suggestion.

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Feeling Chilly? Alpaca Cowl! Knit a Many-Colored Timberlane Cowl

Whether you’re knitting the spectrum of natural alpaca colors or choose the colors of the rainbow, this pattern is quick and delightful.

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