Kate Larson

I Spy Four-Ply: Pairing Plies and Stitch Patterns

Discover the power of plies and how you can use it in your next knit.

Alpaca & Friends: Choosing the Right Blend

Combining alpaca’s rich, silky drape with the Merino’s bounce or silk’s luster can allow us to build our best knits yet.

Cabling Without a Cable Needle: The Towline Hat

Whether you are working on the cozy Towline Hat or another project with knitted cables, you'll find this tutorial for working cable stitches without a cable needle helpful.

How to Name a Sheep: Meet Kate’s Lambs Willa and Gus

In the spring, we asked readers for name suggestions for these cute twins. Let’s take a peek in the barn to see how Willa and Gus are doing this fall, and—of course—how their fleeces are growing!

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Knit Kate’s Simple and Beautiful Shawl

This simple shawl highlights the color and texture of unique yarns like naturally colored cotton.