Kate Larson

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Colorwork Tension Trouble: 3 Common Problems and How to Fix Them

The Rustic Colorwork Hat is the perfect project to test your tension.

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Why You Should Wash This Cotton Yarn (Before You Knit!)

With a little prep before you knit, these cotton yarns can be a pleasure to work with (and wear).

Hot Stash Summer: Overdye with Indigo

Natural indigo has never been easier—give it a try!

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A Friendly Flock to Knit

Knit your own wooly companions with Nancy Bush’s Estonian sheep pattern.

Textured Tweed, Textured Stitches: 4 Tips for Knitted Bliss

Does your textured yarn outshine your cables? We're here to help.

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Gansey Yarn: Have You Tried 5-Ply?

Known for their strength and stitch definition, gansey yarns can be hard to find. A new Shetland 5-ply has launched, and we had to get on board!

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Pick a Palette: The North Road Hat and Tam O’Shanter

Boost your colorwork confidence with 4 tips for knitting Shetland-inspired hats.

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