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Ensuring the Future at Morehouse Farm Merinos

How can a wool farm remain a viable business in a changing world? A young farmer and agricultural consultant, drawn to Morehouse Farm since childhood, Erin Pirro helps navigate the farm’s next chapter.

Sandi Rosner Jan 4, 2024 - 6 min read

Ensuring the Future at Morehouse Farm Merinos Primary Image

Albrecht Pilcher feeds some of the fine Merinos at Morehouse Farm. Photo courtesy of Morehouse Farm

More than 40 years after the founding of Morehouse Farm Merinos, Albrecht Pilcher remains at the helm. With a small team of dedicated helpers, Albrecht breeds superfine Merino sheep and harvests the wool to produce a beautiful range of 100% American Merino wool knitting yarn.

Albrecht’s beloved wife and partner, Margrit Lohrer, was the public face of Morehouse Farm until her death in 2015. Despite the nostalgic, pastoral vision evoked by images of lambs grazing on rolling New England hills, small farms like Morehouse face the economic, cultural, and environmental pressures common to any small business.

Erin Pirro has become the spokesperson for Morehouse Farm since Margrit passed. Erin comes from a farming family. Her parents, Pete and Carol Sepe, produce pasture-raised lamb and have been friends of the Pilchers for many years.

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