Sandi Rosner

Bringing Heritage-Breed Wool to Knitters’ Hands

The search for local wool transformed one knitter into a breed-specific yarn company.

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Thoroughly Modern Milling: Meridian Mill House

Bringing state-of-the-art spinning technology to an historic textile community, from industrial synthetic yarn to traceable wool.

Behind the Scenes at the Sheep and Wool Show

Come along as we peek behind the curtain at the annual can’t-miss event for shepherds, knitters, spinners, and more: the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

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Celebrating Breed-Specific Yarns with Solitude Wool

In northwestern Virginia, in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll find the home of Solitude Wool. Since 2006, this woman-owned company has been dedicated to promoting sheep of many breeds and supporting sustainable agriculture.

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The Green, Wooly Mission of the Green Mountain Spinnery

Founded over 40 years ago to support the local wool economy and process yarn with environmentally responsible principles, The Green Mountain Spinnery’s work has never been more timely.

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Ensuring the Future at Morehouse Farm Merinos

How can a wool farm remain a viable business in a changing world? A young farmer and agricultural consultant, drawn to Morehouse Farm since childhood, Erin Pirro helps navigate the farm’s next chapter.

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Morehouse Farm Merinos: A Pioneering Yarn Farm

The quest for a weekend getaway led two city-dwellers to an ambitious goal: to produce the finest wool in the United States.