Going Without—Knitting Cables without a Cable Needle

Discover the freedom of leaving the cable needle behind and embrace these easy, time-saving methods.

Tiffany Warble Apr 26, 2024 - 2 min read

Going Without—Knitting Cables without a Cable Needle  Primary Image

This cardigan might look complex, but these cables are easier to knit than you think. Photos by Gale Zucker

The first time I encountered the Chamfer Cardigan, I was captivated by the intricate cable patterns making up the design. Though I had some hesitations about tackling such a complex-looking project, I got excited to cast on as soon as I read these brilliant instructions from Corrina Ferguson. That article outlined the simple and easy way to knit all these cables without a cable needle. But what brought this pattern within reach were the videos Corrina shared to accompany the written instructions.

These 1-minute demonstrations break down the four cables you see in the Chamfer Cardigan: 2/2 left cross, 2/2 right cross, right twist, and mock cables.

Back detail of the Chamfer Cardigan

Whether you are knitting the Chamfer Cardigan or another cable pattern (such as the Vest for the Cricket Match), we hope you enjoy watching her videos and using these techniques to simplify your cable knitting. To reference the written instructions as you watch, visit this subscriber bonus post.

Happy cable knitting!