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Creative Cables: the Chamfer Cardigan

This allover cabled sweater looks terribly complex, but its twists and turns are simple when you take them step by step.

Corrina Ferguson Jan 10, 2024 - 10 min read

Creative Cables: the Chamfer Cardigan Primary Image

Worked on the bias, the Chamfer Cardigan includes three kinds of cables: the classic 2/2 cross, a 2-stitch twist, and a 3-stitch mock cable. Photo by Gale Zucker

The Chamfer Cardigan is one of those stunning knitted pieces that just feels destined to become a favorite. The cables in this cardigan are quite lovely, and when you work them on the bias, you get a unique look that still has classic style. Fortunately, the cozy cables in this piece are the best kind—the kind that are fun to work and simple to memorize.

Non-knitters sometimes see cables as magical and complex. But knitters know that nearly everything in knitting is just composed of the two standard stitches, knits and purls. Cables are no exception—the only difference is that the stitches are generally worked out of order. Cable instructions are usually written using cable needles, so that the knitter can hold some of the stitches out of the way to be able to change the working order. But this fun-to-knit cardigan has three sorts that can all be worked without a cable needle.

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