Call for Submissions: Spring 2023

What is it about islands? From the Aran islands to New Zealand, so many of them have rich knitting traditions, and we look to them for our inspiration.

Farm & Fiber Knits Editors Sep 1, 2023 - 2 min read

Call for Submissions: Spring 2023 Primary Image

Photo by Matt Graves

For our next collection of designs for Farm & Fiber Knits, we are looking for designs that draw upon the rich knitting traditions and visual motifs of some of these islands and convey a sense of that place. Since we can’t include every single of the worlds’ knitting islands, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to begin with: the Shetland and Aran Islands, Faroe, Iceland, and New Zealand. This Pinterest board will give you some idea of our vision.

Be creative, of course, and don’t take this directive too literally! Combine technique, color, and texture in unexpected ways. Use a traditional technique with a modern shape. We’re looking for accessories from hats to cowls and socks, and garments from Sweaters to shawls and ponchos.

The designs we choose will be accompanied by stories and articles that will enrich readers. For example, an updated Lopapeysa might be tied in with a story about an Icelandic sheep farm. A Shetland shawl might be partnered with a deep dive into what it’s really like to live in Lerwick.

Please surprise us with your ideas!


Submissions due by October 11 Projects assigned by November 8 Projects due by January 30

Please fill out a submissions form for each article or design you would like to propose.

We ask that your design hasn’t appeared elsewhere, including your website, unless you have specifically discussed it with us first.

We will pair your design with a yarn we feel is appropriate, but if you have specific suggestions, feel free to let us know!