Carol J. Sulcoski

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Reinventing Spanish Wool: Meet Wooldreamers

While the textile industry has changed dramatically since Spanish merino ruled, a new company southeast of Madrid aims to put Spanish wool back on top.

Deadstock No More: Saving Yarns from Fashion Landfills

Lindsey Degen addresses the serious issue of textile waste with creativity and a playful aesthetic.

Native Daughter: Jennifer Berg

The Diné designer brings inspiration from her home and heritage to her handknitting designs and beyond.

Isabella Rossellini: Becoming Mama Farmer

From award-winning actor to tending livestock on a small farm in New York.

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Think Globally, Knit Locally

Choose fiber thoughtfully, opt for natural and well-grown products as much as possible, and support local producers: three manageable goals for knitters and crocheters that will help fibersheds thrive.