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Knitting Yarn—the Inside Scoop

Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers on wool, farms, fiber blends, festivals, and how knitters can save small farms.

Anne Merrow Oct 13, 2023 - 2 min read

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Cans of pindrafted wool are pulled into the spinning machines at Battenkill Fibers, on their way to becoming yarn. Photo courtesy of Battenkill Fibers

Between the fiber farm and your needles lies a wonderful, necessary step: the mill. Whether your fiber comes from a single small flock or a herd of thousands, a fiber mill has had a hand in preparing, twisting, and finishing every yard of yarn that passes through your fingers. A former yarn store owner, Mary Jeanne Packer has seen knitting yarns from every angle. As the owner of Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill, she has seen the good, the not-so-good, and the positively sumptuous pass through her spinning equipment.

In this subscriber-exclusive bonus podcast, Mary Jeanne shares her expertise on how to choose the right yarn structure for a knitted project, what surprising yarns you might be overlooking, and how to find the most wonderful yarns at a fiber festival. (Hint: While everyone else stands in line at the vendor hall, you can find the true gems by walking through the barns.)

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